A Douglas councillor will ask questions about the new Westmoreland Road development at next week's public council meeting.

Stephen Pitts, who has publicly expressed his apprehensive support for the scheme, will be looking to settle his concerns about the project.

Westmoreland Village is a proposed development that will include the old nurses’ home on Westmoreland Road.

The plans include outdoor playing space for children, a community centre, 170 new homes in total, including a section solely for senior living.

The Manx Development Corporation (MDC) is the company that is behind the project and has held a public consultation to help answer people’s questions about the idea.

The development would be situated in Mr Pitts’ ward of Douglas Central and he has submitted questions on multiple topics to do with the new complex.

Mr Pitts will ask the council the following questions:

What discussions have taken place with the Manx Development Corporation to discuss the social housing included in the Westmoreland Village?

How many and what type of properties are the council hoping to purchase?

What will be the total cost of the properties be?

How will the properties be funded and over how many years?

What discussions have been held with the Manx Development Corporation regarding children’s play equipment on the Westmoreland Village?

How many square metres of play area will be required for the size of the proposed development?

What was the outcome of any meetings regarding play equipment?

What is council policy for play areas within new developments that have the space for equipment?

Has the policy been discussed and changed/altered if so who made that decision?