The Department of Infrastructure has submitted a planning application for a new wall in Laxey.

The proposed structure, which is the next stage of the Laxey River flood prevention works, is proposed to be 350 metres long along Glen Road in the eastern village.

The village was flooded in October 2019 by adverse weather, leading to 62 homes in the area being affected, some of which are still being repaired now.

The DOI’s plans involve strengthening parts of the existing wall and adding 1.2 metres in height to meet flood protection levels.

There are also proposals to provide a wall to homes which currently don’t have any security.

This planning application, which was submitted on Monday, September 4 and is pending approval, is for the section of Laxey River from the property Braeside to the New Laxey Bridge.

The DoI says the design has been kept to a minimum to avoid ‘visual disruption’ for residents and their properties.

There have been previous Laxey River flood defences proposed since the flood in 2019.

The chairperson of Garff commissioners, Marinda Faragher, says that the new defences should bring the villagers ‘peace of mind’ and that the flood in 2019 was a ‘really distressing time’ for residents who live on or near Glen Road.