New plans for roundabout in Balthane

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Friday 21st January 2022 1:00 pm
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Proposed plans for the Balthane junction to become a four arm roundabout Image: Department of Infrastructure ()

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Plans for the Balthane junction in Ballasalla to become a four-arm roundabout will be submitted to the planning committee.

The proposed design includes access to a new bypass road, a cycle and pedestrian lane, a footway, and a pedestrian/cycle crossing.

This follows previous public consultations on plans for the same junction which were abandoned due to concerns from residents about congestion.

The bypass road would connect Balthane corner with Glashen Hill, which would allow traffic to avoid the centre of the village, reducing the impact on local residents.

It is aimed at easing traffic flow through Ballasalla and should make journeys from the south of the island quicker.

The Department of Infrastructure has said there have been ’further positive discussions’ with local landowners who have agreed to release additional land to progress the proposal.

This now means that there is sufficient space to allow the department to being forward plans for a four arm roundabout.

In terms of options for residents and stakeholders, this solution was preferred during the earlier consultation.

Plans involve the shared cycle and pedestrian link to run through the Reayrt Mie development, parallel to the new bypass. This will take cyclists and pedestrians through a low traffic environment.

The changing of the raised to road level footway will meet modern design standards and improve accessibility. Currently, the narrow footway with a steep gradient means wheelchair users are excluded.

Further to this, the DoI has proposed a pedestrian and cycle crossing situated between the current roundabout and rail crossing on the existing road through the village, and another pedestrian and cycle crossing on the A5 south of the roundabout.

The DoI will display its proposals at Malew Commissioners office in Ballasalla January 24 to 26. Officers from the DoI will be on had from 2pm to 6:30pm on the Wednesday to take public comment.

Following consultation the department intends to submit a planning application for the scheme. Subject to funding and planning permission, it expected that the construction phase of the scheme would get underway in early 2023.


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