Braddan Commissioners has opposed a major housing development on Ballafletcher Road.

The response from the local authority said that the site (22/00675/B) would cause too many traffic issues in the area.

The development, proposed by Hartford Homes, would include 328 homes, a neighbourhood centre with associated highway and pedestrian/cycle access and infrastructure, landscaping and public open space also included plans for a two-form primary school, and a 68-bed retirement home and associated access and infrastructure.

The commissioners also shone a light on other issues they felt need to be addressed about the site.

Andrew Jessop, chair of Braddan Commissioners, said: ‘It would effectively take out the last major green space between Douglas and Braddan, so it would become almost one continuous development.

‘It is productive farmland from our point of view so it must be protected.

‘For some reason or another it was removed as an agricultural site in 1999 when the review of what was the previous Braddan plan took place.

‘We still haven’t gotten to the bottom of who authorised that change in policy and for what reason.’

An anonymous respondent to the application said: ‘I am concerned on two points.

‘The first is in the increase in traffic at key times: school rush, the rush hour etc.

‘The second is the provision of education services - whereby Braddan school and Scoill yn Jubilee infants are already stretched.

‘One last comment is related to the destruction of a greenfield site within Douglas and Braddan.’

The site is located on the hill that runs from the Jubilee Oak roundabout towards the hospital.

The proposed area currently includes Braddan Primary School.

The commissioners initially rejected the application back in May and have recently reiterated their stance on the development.

Mr Jessop added: ‘The plan is against the government’s own strategic policy in terms of a sequential approach to planning.

‘It prioritises redevelopment inside the town boundaries or urban areas first of all then sustainable extensions to those areas before you start looking at green spaces in the countryside.’

The planning application is pending review by the planning committee.