MHKs have backed Alfred Cannan to be chief minister of the Isle of Man.

He secured 14 votes to Alex Allinson’s eight.

He will now take the top job in politics for the next five years.

The votes for Dr Allinson:

Dr Allinson, Daphne Caine, Claire Christian, Joney Faragher, Michelle Haywood, Lawrie Hooper, Sarah Maltby and Juan Watterson.

The votes for Mr Cannan:

David Ashford, Clare Barber, Rob Callister, Alfred Cannan, Ann Corlett, Tim Crookall, Julie Edge, Tim Glover, Tim Johnston, Kate Lord-Brennan, Jason Moorhouse, Stu Peters, Jane Poole-Wilson and Andrew Smith.

There were two spoilt papers, Chris Thomas and John Wannenburgh.

Mr Cannan will now begin the process of appointing government ministers.

There was another election today. Daphne Caine (Garff) was elected to the position of deputy speaker.