Onchan MHK Rob Callister will be holding an extra political surgery for constituents to raise concerns after he was told to apologise for his conduct.

Mr Callister, who was previously health minister, breached Tynwald standards, according to the Tynwald Standards and Members’ Interest Committee.

Its report ‘Matters relating to the dismissal of Mr Callister as Minister for Health and Social Care’, which was published last week, analyses the events that led to his dismissal as minister and will be debated in Tynwald later on this month.

It concluded ‘that Mr Callister breached Tynwald standards of conduct by engaging in repeated inappropriate comments which undermined the right to dignity at work of the civil servants hearing those comments’.

And ‘that Mr Callister breached Tynwald standards of conduct by not acting in a manner consistent with the principle of honesty.’

‘That is why myself, now as a backbench MHK and as the minister, I felt we have to allow Manx Care the three-year period minimum to allow them to really get into some of the problems and to change the culture, change their behaviour,’ said the MHK.

Mr Callister refutes some of the findings and calls the report ‘difficult reading’ for himself, his friends, family, colleagues and his constituents.

He said: ‘I want to give Onchan constituents a fair opportunity to ask me directly any questions or concerns they may have in respect of the publication of this report.’

As a result, he will hold his additional political surgery on Saturday, March 11 between 9.30am and 11am at the Onchan Community Hub.

Constituents will have the chance to ask questions or raise any concerns they have on this particular item.

Mr Callister’s normal surgery also go ahead on Saturday, March 18 at the Onchan Community Hub between 10am and 11.30am.