Onchan Commissioners say they want to improve their procedures after complaints from board members about other colleagues’ conduct.

It was revealed in a Freedom of Information request that the local authority had spent more than £8,500 on legal advice over commissioners’ behaviour in just over a year.

Chair of the commissioners Kathryn Williams this week said: ‘Following much debate and investigation I wrote to all of the members in December 2022 to conclude the matter.

‘On this occasion it is noted that no action will be taken in relation to the complaints received.

‘Additionally, that the chief executive/clerk will undertake a general review of our standing orders and our various policies and procedures which are currently in place in order to formalise an appropriate process that can be followed in future, should such complaints arise.’

She went on to add that after receiving the complaints it became apparent the authority didn’t have a ‘formal process’ to deal with them.
After the June 2022 public board meeting it was decided the clerk would be the only officer to sit in the meetings until he felt there had been an ‘acceptable improvement’ in commissioners’ conduct.

The authority says it hopes that by ensuring its policies and procedures are ‘improved’, that the board will be able to ‘appropriately undertake’ its responsibilities and duties.