Most people in Peel do not want to allow dogs on the beach during April, according to a survey.

The town’s commissioners sent a questionnaire about potential byelaws to 3,000 homes and was completed by 369 people – a response rate of just over 10%.

Residents were asked if they would like to move a prohibition from April 1 to May 1 to allow dogs onto Peel beach for a longer period of time.

However 230 people (63%) said they would not be in favour of giving dogs an extra month of access to the beach.

Questions about possible byelaws ranged from prohibiting ‘mobile dwellings’ in public places, which 294 respondents (80%) would be in favour of having, to preventing the feeding of animals and birds including seagulls which was favoured by 299 people (81%).

The commissioners agreed at their January public meeting not to pursue either of these as byelaws.