Two men are in the running to be the Isle of Man’s next chief minister.

They are Education Minister Alex Allinson and Treasury Minister Alfred Cannan.

MHKs will vote today, October 12, and - barring unusual circumstances - one of the candidates will take the top job in Manx politics.

Members of the public do not get a say in the election.

Mr Cannan, MHK for Ayre and Michael, was nominated by Douglas East MHK Clare Barber. In our candidates’ questionnaire published before the election, Mrs Barber said she would back Mr Cannan.

Dr Allinson, MHK for Ramsey, was nominated by Rushen MHK Michelle Haywood. In our questionnaire Dr Haywood backed Dr Allinson or Daphne Caine.

Mr Cannan said: ’I am going to be asking the House of Keys and Tynwald to unite behind a vision of creating a secure, vibrant and sustainable island for the future.’

Dr Allinson said: ’After five years of being an MHK, after bringing forth some legislation, after being involved in various departments and as I minister, I’ve seen the way the government can work and the way it doesn’t work.

’I want to lead a new administration that will do better, particularly after the last 18 months.’

After he is elected, the new chief minister will appoint ministers into the Council of Ministers, which largely decides the government’s policies and agenda.

Behind the scenes, each candidate is now likely to promise jobs in the Council of Ministers to MHKs in return for their support.

In our questionnaires, we asked all the candidates who they’d like to see get the top job.

Dr Allinson had already said he wanted it and it was widely anticipated that Mr Cannan, who stood unsuccessfully for the position in 2016, would try again.

Some were straightforward while others hedged their bets or said they didn’t know yet.

Here’s what the successful candidates said:

Arbory, Castletown and Malew

Tim Glover: The one that is as close to my manifesto.

Jason Moorhouse: It would be good to see the shortlist. Those making the decision in October could have a difficult choice.

Ayre and Michael

Alfred Cannan: Someone with vision for the island who offers inclusive and listening leadership.

Tim Johnston did not reply to our questionnaire.

Douglas Central

Ann Corlett did not reply to our questionnaire.

Chris Thomas said that the fact we asked the question ’harms Manx public policy as it encourages chief ministers to think of themselves as quasi-presidents’.

Douglas East

Clare Barber: Alfred Cannan.

Joney Faragher: Daphne Caine or Jane Poole-Wilson.

Douglas North

David Ashford said he thought the two front-runners were Dr Allinson and Mr Cannan but he didn’t say which he’d prefer.

He said his priorities were affordable housing, climate change and economic diversification.

John Wannenburgh: No answer.

Douglas South

Claire Christian: Someone who is a strong leader and whose policies are most aligned with mine.

Sarah Maltby: I will reserve my judgement until I read the various manifestos of any potential candidates.


Daphne Caine: Jane Poole-Wilson

Andrew Smith: No answer

Glenfaba and Peel

Tim Crookall: No idea at this stage.

Kate Lord-Brennan: Alfred Cannan.


Stuart Peters: Alfred Cannan or Chris Thomas.

Jane Poole-Wilson: I would need to look at the proposals of the candidates.


Rob Callister: In 2016 I voted for Alfred Cannan but I am undecided at the moment.

Julie Edge: Depends who’s elected.


Alex Allinson: The best man or woman for the job

Lawrie Hooper: Someone with experience in Tynwald and government who brings with them a high calibre team of ministers who want to tackle inequality, raise our quality of life and build a fairer island.


Michelle Haywood: Alex Allinson or Daphne Caine.

Juan Watterson: It will depend which manifesto matches most closely with the wishes of the people of Rushen.