The most senior civil service role in the island will now be the chief executive of the Isle of Man government.

The role has been implemented after a review into the job of chief secretary was approved by Chief Minister Alfred Cannan.

Chief Minister Cannan said: ‘Establishing a clear and modern remit and capacity for the most senior role in the civil service is vital for the performance of government and delivery for the public.

‘There is a need to ensure a strong accountability and performance framework, positive leadership and management in the public service and capacity for strategic advice to the Council of Ministers, as well as advice to the Lieutenant Governor.

The change will see recruitment for a chief executive officer and an end to the role of chief secretary, which was created in 1987.

The person who takes on the new role will have the capacity to pro-actively lead and support chief officers in government departments.

Along with this new role, the Cabinet Office will be recruiting for a chief operating officer.

This new role will entail supporting the delivery of government programmes and cross-departmental initiatives and head up central operational functions such as the Office of Human Resources, Government Technology Services and central transformation and policy functions.

The Council of Ministers will also establish an operational performance board, which will review, advise and support the new chief executive in the new position.

Chair of the Public Services Commission Kate Lord-Brennan MHK said: ‘It is incredibly important that key senior roles in the civil service are developed to ensure a fit for purpose organisation for the future which can deliver excellent core public services and be a place where people want to work and develop in public service, where officers feel supported to deliver the priorities of government for the island.

‘There will be open and competitive recruitment for posts.’

The change from chief secretary to chief executive officer will require an amendment to regulations to be put to the January 2023 Tynwald.

If Tynwald is in agreement on the amendment, then recruitment will start immediately.