After around six years away from Tynwald, former Onchan MHK Peter Karran has confirmed he is seeking a comeback.

The former Liberal Vannin leader is seeking support for a spot on the Legislative Council.

First elected to represent Middle in a by-election in 1985, Mr Karran stood in the then newly-formed Onchan constituency in 1986 and was an ever-present until his retirement in 2016.

However, this week he began touting for support from MHKs as he makes a bid for one of the four spots available on LegCo.

In a letter to members he said he was writing to all 24 MHKs because he ‘would prefer not to target a “clique”of MHKs to propose, second and support me’.

He said: ‘If I am successful, it should not be on the basis of my belonging to one clique or another, but because I can genuinely make a worthwhile contribution.

‘With my vast experience, and as an “elder statesman” speaking truth to power, I believe I am well equipped for the role, and I would therefore be glad if you would consider nominating/supporting me.

‘In truth, I have always believed that the Legislative Council should be elected by the island’s citizens – although I will also concede that there are far more pressing issues that need to be addressed at the moment, especially if the island is not to lose the legacy of its economic boom over the last 40 years.’

Reflecting on his previous spell in Tynwald, Mr Karran said he had shown his commitment to the wellbeing of islanders by ‘raising many unpopular subjects and I’m confident that I still command the support of the general public for doing so’.

He added: ‘I may no longer be young, but I still care passionately about fairness and justice in our society. I fear that at present these values are in jeopardy.

‘There is no question that we need both experience and better scrutiny of the systems of government than we have now.’

Mr Karran has also said that if he is successful in his bid, he will cease claiming his Tynwald pension.

Speaking to Gef/Manx Independent, Mr Karran said as well as scrutinising government policy, he wants to see more done on housing policy, saying it is a key area that is holding the island back.

Addressing why he wants to make a comeback now, he said: ‘There has never been a more pressing time. If we’re not careful we will see all the social benefits we’ve achieved slipping away.’

While accepting that it is not a pressing issue at this moment in time, Mr Karran said he also still wants to see a democratically elected LegCo.