The owner of one of Sulby’s pubs has said the government has ‘gone away to think about’ the Claddagh campsite.

More than 200 people were at the public meeting held last night at the Sulby Glen to address the stopping of overnight camping at the Sulby Claddagh.

Rosie Christian, the landlady of the Sulby Glen, said: ‘The public reaction was really good.

‘People were turned away because they couldn’t get parked or they couldn’t get in.’

The local MHKs, chief minister Alfred Cannan and Tim Johnston were in attendance to listen to the public’s complaints on the topic.

The government confirmed at the meeting that the campsite would be available for overnight camping during the TT races this summer, whoever cited a number of reason why it couldn’t continue full-time.

Mrs Christian said: ‘I don’t think they know what they’re doing because someone says it’s finance, another says it’s health and safety issues and others say it’s legal legislation or ownership.’

‘They were offered a toilet block and a shower block free of charge last week, which they have not commented on until it was brought up last night.’

Mrs Christian highlighted the reality for Sulby of the Claddagh was to remain closed to campers.

She said: ‘If we lose the Claddagh, Sulby will lose a hotel, a pub and a shop.’

This was met with a round of applause at the meeting from the public and little response from the MHKs.

A consultation will be held on the subject of the Claddagh campsite and the matter will be raised in Tynwald.

For now, however, the main outcome of the meeting is ‘watch this space’, according to Mrs Christian.