Preparation are under way for the open air sitting of Tynwald.

The island’s parliament meets in St John’s on the hill every year on July 5.

Last year’s event was smaller than usual because of the pandemic. Although lockdown had ended in the Isle of Man when it was held, the event was arranged when it was expected that we would continue with social distancing restrictions.

Steve Rodan, who will be marking his last Tynwald as president this year, said: ’In 2020 the Tynwald ceremony took place in a modified form, to ensure that the ceremony’s constitutional functions could be carried out but also with a view to keeping participants and the Manx public safe.

’Since that time, I have been pleased to see that the island’s vaccination programme is progressing well, with the aim of vaccinating all adults in the phase two group by early August.

’While some uncertainty remains, I am pleased to announce that the Tynwald ceremony arrangements committee is planning optimistically for a Tynwald Day which will include more of the traditional elements of the ceremony that were not possible in 2020 and a programme of enhancements that will lift the national celebration.

’Those enhancements include the Tynwald fair and the public entertainment before and after the ceremony.’

My hope is that islanders will be able to come together on July 5 to celebrate their National Day at St John’s in as normal a fashion as possible.

’Islanders should collectively and individually feel proud of their response to the pandemic and I hope Tynwald Day will provide the perfect opportunity to celebrate what has been achieved.’

Tynwald Day is a chance for people who want to see changes in the law to present petitions for redress of grievance.

It is a chance ask members of Tynwald to look into issues.

Petitioners look for publicity for their cause.

If you are planning to petition on Tynwald Day, let us know in advance. We can do bigger and better stories if you do.

Email [email protected] with details, including your phone number.