A teacher has been put forward for the Legislative Council.

Conor Keenan is a PE, geography and science teacher at Ramsey Grammar School.

He was nominated for the council by Glenfaba and Peel MHK Tim Johnston.

The nomination was seconded by Jason Moorhouse MHK and supported by Garff MHK Daphne Caine and Douglas North MHK David Ashford.

Four seats fall vacant. Two other sitting members have announced they want to keep their positions.

They are Tanya August-Hanson and Diane Kelsey.

Marlene Maska has announced she will not stand again.

Nominations close on February 24.

Members of Legislative Council are not voted for by the public. They are voted for by Members of the House of Keys – and the votes are recorded by Hansard.

There are 11 members, including President of Tynwald Laurence Skelly, Bishop Peter Eagles, and Attorney General Walter Wannenburgh, but he doesn’t get to vote.