The recommended closure of the Southern Swimming Pool and gas disconnections are on the agenda for the House of Keys.

Arbory, Castletown and Malew MHK Jason Moorhouse will be asking Minister for Education, Sports and Culture, Julie Edge for a statement on the decision to close the Southern Swimming Pool.

Last week, the Southern Swimming Pool Board was notified that a recommendation to close the pool would be made in February’s Tynwald sitting.

The recommendation was one of a number in a report into regional sports hubs.

The report outlined financial challenges and said that closing one of the pools would save £434,000 a year, with the Southern pool being the one that is recommended to close.

Douglas North MHK, David Ashford will ask the Chair of the Office of Fair Trading (OFT), Tim Glover, how many people the Office is aware of who are in dispute with Island Energy Group over their bill; and how many of them are facing disconnections as a result.

In November, the company disconnected the gas supply of 30 customers, and was set to disconnect a further 90 customers who had fallen into arrears.

But following conversations with the Office for Fair Trading, the company agreed to a short pause in the disconnection programme, as it reviewed each case individually. Isle of Man Energy confirmed earlier this month that it would restart its disconnection programme.

Mr Ashford will also be asking Infrastructure Minister Tim Crookall, whether there has been an increase in abuse being directed at people using disabled parking bays; and what plans there are to address this.

The matter has recently been in the limelight following a social media post by an anonymous individual.

In the post they said they have to often defend their right to park in a disabled bay as their disability may not be instantly obvious, despite qualifying for a blue badge.

Keys will commence at 10am on Tuesday, January 23.