At 6.26pm yesterday, Port Erin Coastguards were called to a report of a man with a damaged leg on a footpath near Eairy Cushlin.

On further investigation we obtained a possible grid reference for the location of the Casualty.

A spokesperson for Port Erin Coastguards said: ‘We met at an arranged rendezvous point with our colleagues from the IOM Ambulance Service and we rapidly located the casualty who had badly damaged their leg and required extraction.

‘While the casualty was receiving medical attention, one of the Port Erin Coastguard’s team drove the casualty’s wife and their three dogs back to their home in Port Erin as she could not drive their car.

‘The rest of Port Erin Team assisted the Ambulance crew in stabilising the injured leg and then carried the casualty up the track to the Ambulance which had been repositioned by the stand in Duty Officer.’

They added: ‘This was a really good Callout, with great team work between all involved.

‘We wish the casualty a speedy recovery.’

By 9pm the team were back on station and ready for duty.