Discussions about the cost of the Manxman welcome ceremony and why there was no public viewing of the ship took place in Tynwald this week.

Raised by Jason Moorhouse, MHK for Arbory, Castletown and Malew, Treasury Minister Alex Allinson insisted the costs of the ceremony, held for 250 people on Sunday July 9, was part of the overall funds for securing the Manxman.

The budget is £80 million for Manxman with a further £4 million as contingency.

He also stated the security and safety considerations meant that the logistics of a public open day would be unmanageable.

The ceremony was streamed live for the public on Douglas Head by local company Event Management Solutions, which Dr Alex Allinson said cost £2,150.

He did however add that in lieu of the fact there isn’t a full public open day, the Steam Packet Company is giving away free return tickets for the maiden voyage of Manxman to the general public via a competition, as well as a round island cruise.

No date has yet been announced for the vessel’s first commercial service.

The Steam Packet said it would initially sail only during the day while training continues.

Mr Moorhouse continued to say that he remained concerned that the public hadn’t had the opportunity to go around the vessel and ‘really appreciate it’, as well as announcing his frustration that the cost of the ‘lavish celebrations’ that took place at the ceremony can’t be discussed.

Dr Alex Allinson said the celebrations weren’t lavish and it was a standard welcome for a new vessel.

Arbory, Castletown and Malew MHK Tim Glover questioned the investigation into the unlicensed firework display and its cost, with Dr Allinson stating the display cost £15,000 and that he thinks ‘it was common knowledge for most of the people in Douglas’ that it was taking place.