A boardwalk connecting Port Mooar beach and the church in Maughold is being constructed.

The Department of Infrastructure’s Public Right of Way (PROW) team is currently overseeing the project, which aims to give members of the public an easier route to and from the beach.

It is also part of the Raad ny Foillan coastal footpath.

The PROW team says: ‘This section of the path is routed through a space that is made up of quite slippery rock into an area that can be quite boggy underfoot at times.’

Further along the beach, a team from Island Drainage and Groundwork Limited has constructed a bridge to replace one that had become too damaged and decayed to repair in what seems to be an attempt to rejuvenate the Port Mooar area.

A spokesperson from the DoI said: ‘It is expected that the path will remain closed for about another three weeks so that the remainder of the planned works can be completed. This is only an approximation as some of the works are weather-dependent.’