Funds are being raised to support a mental health nurse through rehabilitation after suffering a spinal injury.

Steve Hobbs, from Colby, broke a disc in his neck after falling on a set of stairs and now requires a period of recovery in the UK.

Colleague Lynn Merriman set up a JustGiving page with a goal of £20,000 to help his family cover the costs.

She said: ‘Knowing Steve as both a colleague and as a friend we know him to be kind, generous and supportive to others around him regardless of who they may be.

‘We were totally shocked and saddened to hear of his accident and were struck by how life can change so suddenly in the blink of an eye.

‘We wanted to offer some sort of practical help and realised the far reaching impact this will have on them.

‘Knowing others would feel the same, we decided to put on a fundraising event.

‘This accident will prove a huge strain on his family as their travel and accommodation is not fully funded, and this is a time when they need to work together and support each other whilst still covering the cost of their home in the Isle of Man.

‘There will also be considerable and ongoing costs on Steve’s return home to ensure he has optimum comfort and independence.’

Steve will be rehabilitating at Southport in a spinal unit.

He has been working in the Isle of Man for more than 20 years, in both the community and in a hospital setting.

‘He has played a huge role in developing and improving the service all round but especially in areas of mental health first aid and even more importantly suicide prevention,’ Mrs Merriman said.

‘Steve is a fantastic nurse colleague and educator.

‘On an island the size of the Isle of Man, even if you don’t know Steve, there is a huge likelihood that he has treated, supported or taught someone you know.’

Mrs Merriman and her husband Dave met the 60-year-old through working with him in mental health services.

She added: ‘Please take some time to consider how wide ranging and challenging the effects of this will be for Steve and his family.

‘We fully appreciate that times are hard already but imagine the impact of an injury such as this and please give all you can.

‘All money will go into Steve’s account so you can be safe in the knowledge you are directly helping a man who has helped so many others.

‘Finally, Dave and I would like to also thank everyone for their donations and their offers of help and support of our efforts.’

Steve’s wife Jan said on behalf of the pair: ‘We are overwhelmed by the response, well wishes, peoples generosity, the love and support we have received.

‘We cannot thank everybody enough.’

Just over £2,600 has been raised so far.

Donate on JustGiving under ‘Weʼre raising £20,000 to help Steve and family during spinal rehab and later to ensure appropriate accommodation for Steve’s continued comfort and independence’.