Manx Utilities has issued a fresh reminder to islanders to only flush the ‘three P’s’ down the toilet following reports of raw sewage on a western beach.

The three P’s include pee, paper and poo.

It comes after crews from the Manx Utilities wastewater team were dispatched on Saturday lunchtime to investigate any potential issue following reports of raw sewage on Peel Beach.

Videos and photos of the washed up raw sewage, including sanitary products and wet wipes, were widely shared on Facebook over the weekend.

People of Peel, a Facebook group manned by some of the town’s residents, told beachgoers that toilet paper and other sanitary items had been spotted on Peel beach, sharing photos of the washed up raw sewage.

It urged those planning on having a seaside stroll, dog walk or a dip in the waters to hold off.

Manx Utilities responded to the reports, saying ‘it was immediately apparent due to its location that this issue was not as a result of defective infrastructure’.

It added that ‘raw sewage is discharged daily into Peel Bay through an outfall that runs from the Promenade Pumping Station to the end of the breakwater, and during certain tidal and wind conditions sewage debris can be washed ashore.

‘On this occasion it would appear that naturally occurring sea foam has contained debris such as wet wipes and sanitary products.’

The authority said it is ‘working in earnest to provide a modern wastewater treatment works for Peel’ and that a ‘planning application is currently being considered’.

The works, plans for which have been years in the making, will be at the current silt lagoon field that will remain under DOI control, and the three fields in-land of Peel Power Station to the east of the Heritage Trail.

The site is set to overlook Castleview Nursing Home, which is located on Ballatessan Meadow, Peel.

The proposed site for the Peel Sewage works is on Glenfaba Road, next to the heritage trail
The proposed site for the Peel Sewage works is on Glenfaba Road, next to the heritage trail (-)

Manx Utilities have since reiterated the importance that ‘Peel and Isle of Man residents follow the Bin It Don’t Flush It guidelines ( to both protect our marine environment and to minimise the risk of sewer blockages.’

It’s also encouraging residents in the west to ‘proactively support the current planning application 23/01407/B and submit comments on the Planning Portal before the deadline of the 16th February.’