Manx Telecom is being investigated by the regulator over claims it charges more to customers who use another supplier for Broadband.

The Communications and Utilities Regulatory Authority has opened an investigation into allegation that MT is failing to comply with its Universal Service Obligations over the provision of telephone services and associated tariffs.

It is alleged that that MT charges broadband customers of other providers a higher price for telephone services than it does for its own customers.

Also under investigation is a claim that the company requires broadband customers of other service providers to install components for telephone services - something it does not require of its own customers.

And CURA is also looking into allegations that MT is advising its own customers that they cannot switch broadband providers and retain a telephony service.

Under its Universal Service Obligations (USO), MT must not only ensure that Manx consumers can have access to telephone services regardless of which communications provider they subscribe to for other services, but to also ensure that all consumers pay fair, uniform prices for their service.

CURA has formally requested that MT provide further information in connection with this investigation.

Last year, the company requested the regulator provide clarity on its Universal Service Obligations.

CURA issued an information notice in December in which it said MT had a responsibility ‘to ensure all end-users are afforded access to a suitable telephony service, under equivalent terms to standard consumers, irrespective of whom the customer subscribes to for any other services’.

It also advised that company must ensure that such services ‘are provided on the basis of uniform pricing, meaning that MT must provide a retail fixed voice service to all those that request it at the same price throughout the island, no matter whom the customer subscribes to for any other service’.