Kentraugh Mills in Rushen is set to open for two days in celebration of National Mills Weekend.

During the event, hundreds of windmills and watermills in the UK will open their doors as part of an annual celebration of the ‘heritage and history’ of mills and the people who still care for them today.

The mill at Kentraugh near Colby will be open from 10am until 5pm on Saturday, May 11 and from 11am until 5pm on Sunday, May 12.

The earliest records for the old corn mill, located alongside the Kentraugh estate in Rushen, date back to 1506 when it was owned by Robert Qualtrough.

The mill was first recorded as being in use in the early 16th century before being largely rebuilt in 1832. Kentraugh Mill remained in the Qualtrough family for several generations before being sold to John Woods from Ballabeg in 1904.

Finally closing its doors in 1943, the mill lay untouched for more than 20 years until a new owner (who believed the mill was an empty garage) restored the building.

It is one of the last remaining intact watermills in the island, and although the original waterwheel is in a state of disrepair, visitors can still experience the mill in action through the use of electricity.

Visitors can join an informative, escorted tour of the three storey mill and also visit the former miller’s store room - once the site of the island’s first Methodist Chapel in 1825.

Visitors are reminded that exploring the mill is at their own risk. Entry to the mill is free of charge, but donations are welcome for the religious mission agency USPG (United Society - Partners in Gospel).