A group of Scouts from across the island visited the world jamboree in West Virginia following two and a half years of fundraising.

Nine Scouts aged 14 to 18, and leader Alex Armstrong visited America for the world gathering which saw 50,000 Scouts from 150 countries descend on the States.

To raise the £40,000 for the 10 of them, the Scouts did everything from bag packing to abseiling and car parking to running a stall at the Grandstand where they famously presented Prince William with a teddy bear during his visit to the island.

The Scouts gave a presentation to supporters and fellow scouts about how they raised the money and some of the activities they got up to along the way on Friday.

Alex Armstrong, who led the troop to the jamboree, said they travelled to New York and had a day there before heading up the West Virginia where they were greeted by heavy rain.

Despite that, the opening ceremony went ahead and being in the furthest away camp, the scouts had a 75 minute walk there and back from their tents.

Alex described the opening ceremony as ’like the Olympics’ with music, dancing, scouts of all nations and chief ambassador of scouting, Bear Grylls.

During their time at the 11,400-acre site, the Scouts took part in BMX riding, zip wiring, a water assault course, archery and much more.

Reflecting on the people they met at the event, Scout member Ethan Quirk said that towards the end of the fortnight, the Scouts realised they were ’saying goodbye to friends we probably won’t see again’.

The trip also gave the scouts time to swap badges and other gifts with scouts from around the globe some of which they displayed during their presentation at the Manx Museum.

Praising the support of the Manx people, Alex said it shows ’the real community nature of the Isle of Man’.

He added: ’The whole community rallied around us and without everyone who did, none of this would’ve been possible, thank you.’