Seven-year-old Millie Teare has cut her hair to donate it to the Little Princess Trust.

She has raised £1,200 for the charity, which is enough money to pay for two wigs, as well as giving her hair to be made into a wig.

The Little Princess Trust is a charity dedicated to providing real hair wigs for children and young people. It also raises funds for childhood cancer research in the UK.

Millie decided to donate her hair, after she saw her granddad, who has cancer, lose his hair from chemotherapy.

Her mum, Rebecca Teare, said: ‘Unfortunately, my dad’s been through cancer treatment for a couple of years, and so she’s seen what happens when people need treatments for serious illnesses.

‘He lost his hair twice through chemotherapy, and then Millie started asking me questions about what would happen if it was her.

‘I told her that there are children who unfortunately have to go through these things, and there are places where they can get wigs, or they can wear special hats or scarves.

‘She just turned around to me and said, “I think I want to give my hair to a sicke person”.

‘The past few years have been a massive rollercoaster for our family, and my dad’s cancer has been ongoing for about two and a half years now.

‘Because Millie is so young, she doesn’t understand the ins and outs of it , we told her that he has a sore back which is true, but obviously there is more to it, and as she has grown that bit older, she is a bit more aware.

‘When my dad lost his hair the first time, she knew that something wasn’t right, but she just knows that he is very poorly.

‘It has affected her, because she is very close to my dad, and because she is very inquisitive and thinks about athings a lot, she started thinking about what it would be like if it was her, and that is where the idea came from and it has just escalated.’

‘She came up with the idea in January but we had to wait for her hair to grow a certain length, and then she wanted to cut her hair in the summer holidays, so that she would come back as a new person.’

Rebecca added: ‘Millie always wants to help people, she is very caring, and she doesn’t want to see anybody suffer.

Millie’s hair was cut on Friday, by Nicola Stokes from Scissors, a hairdressers in Onchan, who cut Millie’s hair for free, as well as donating to her justgiving page. Julie Stokes, the owner of Scissors, said: ‘It is an amazing thing to have done, well done Millie.

Just after nine inches of her hair was cut off, Millie said to her mum: ‘Oh my gosh it is all gone’ and she later tolde her dad: ‘I look so different’.

Her mum Rebecca said: ‘I am so proud of Millie, as she asked to do this, and she has been amazing with it.

You can find her justgiving page which is called : ‘Millie’s fundraiser for Little Princess Trust’.