Sex education lessons are due to resume in September.

Relationships and sex education were cancelled after a complaint about them at Queen Elizabeth II High School, Peel.

It followed claims, which turned out to be unfounded, that a drag queen was delivering the classes.

The question of gender was raised in the lesson.

The issue was seized upon by some rightwing media outlets in the UK.

An investigation was held, which concluded that many of the claims made were unsubstantiated.

A report into the second part of the investigation is due next month.

Education Minister Julie Edge told Manx Radio: 'It's a very important part of children's education and wellbeing.

'It's a key for our schools to deliver this to our young people so they get that good rounded education.'

She added she had 'positive messages' asking when it would be reintroduced.

'Parents have concerns that their children will not be aware of some of the concerns.'

She said that the department needed to deliver the right programme to young people.