The Southern Swimming Pool at Castle Rushen High School has reopened today, operators have confirmed.

The Castletown pool has been shut since the middle of December last year after an EGM by its board revealed urgent work was needed to be done to it to make it safe for public use.

A statement from the board on Wednesday evening said that they've ensured the pool is a 'safe and welcoming space for all'.

Shared on Facebook, it said: 'It brings us immense joy to announce that Southern Swimming Pool will reopen from 07:00 AM (Thursday).

'Our journey to this moment has involved overcoming significant challenges, including structural concerns with pool hall lights and insufficient lighting levels.

'Through persistent efforts, we have installed temporary safety supports and enhanced our lighting, ensuring the pool is a safe and welcoming space for all.

'Swimming Lessons will resume as normal from next week.

'We deeply appreciate your patience and support during this period.

'As we reopen, rest assured that further comprehensive assessments for long-term sustainability and safety are planned.

'We eagerly await your return and look forward to seeing you bright and early!'

However the future of the only public swimming pool in the south of the island remains in doubt due to funding issues.

Last month Tim Glover, MHK for Arbory, Castletown and Malew questioned the DESC Minister Julie Edge in Tynwald whether a replacement for the swimming pool is contained within the plans for the new Castle Rushen High School, and if not, what alternative plans there are for a replacement pool.

Posting on Facebook, Mr Glover, said 'breaking the answers down, there is no pool currently in the plans as initial funding is for design of new Castle Rushen High School and sports hall only'.

He added that the Education Department are continuing funding to support the existing pool until Tynwald approves the report and proposals for the new community sports hubs.

He added: 'Although that report has been ready for some time it is late - was due to come to Tynwald in October but like many things it's late.

'It was contained in the recommendations in the Knight, Kavanagh and Page report which came to Tynwald in January 2023.'