The Department of Infrastructure has announced that temporary speed limits will be put in place on the Mountain course circuit due to preparation works for the TT races in June.

Starting on Monday, March 11, a traffic order will be put in place to allow the Department to restrict traffic to 40mph (advisory 20mph through work sites) in the following areas: The A1 between Douglas and Ballacraine, the A3 between Ballacraine and Ramsey and the A18 between Creg Ny Baa and Douglas. The traffic order is set to be activated until Friday, May 10.

The work is done every year to prepare the Mountain course for the heavy volume of traffic as a result of the TT races. These works are done by the DoI’s staff and contractors for the TT race organisers.

The planned works include drainage maintenance, re-marking road linings, hedge and verge maintenance, carriageway resurfacing, road surface repairs, pavement refurbishment and the distribution of signs and barriers.

A spokesperson from the DoI said: ‘It is intended to divide the course up into a number of sections and only display temporary speed limit signs in a particular section during the time that works are being undertaken. The speed limits will only take effect when the proper signage is in place.

‘Given that works are likely to take place from early morning into the evening, and may require 24 hour traffic management to be in place, any temporary speed limits that are imposed will be on a 24 hour a day basis until work in that section is complete.

‘Planning is ongoing to ensure that works are co-ordinated and that speed limits in a particular area are only imposed when work is to start and are lifted as soon as possible once work is complete.

‘Please note that work is likely to be ongoing on more than one section at a time over the full length of the lower section of the course.’