The government is seeking views from island residents on the access and usage of cash and digital payment options in the Isle of Man.

A Department of Enterprise spokesperson said: 'The survey will collect information on a number of key topics to better understand attitudes and behaviours around the usage of and access to cash across the Island as well as views on digital payment preferences. 

'Results from the survey will also provide additional information on whether further provisions are required to ensure that there are cash and payment services available for residents.'

Tim Johnston MHK, Minister for Enterprise added: ‘Attitudes towards using cash and accessing cash have changed in recent years, especially following the Covid pandemic. Whilst we have seen an increase in the use of digital payment options, we equally understand that there are people in our society who prefer to use cash.

‘The purpose of this survey is to gain a better understanding of how residents across all ages use and view cash on the Island, and any barriers to obtaining or using cash, or making digital payments. I encourage all residents to share their views so that we can gather a full picture on this topic and further understand the provisions required to ensure the right services are available.’

The consultation has been launched following the publication of the Access to Cash Report in 2022, commissioned by the Department for Enterprise in January 2022, which was developed as a result of the recent major shifts in how consumers and businesses are using cash.

This survey follows a separate survey conducted by Business Isle of Man to assess the use of different payment solutions by local businesses.

The survey will close on Thursday, September 7, with paper copies available for people to collect from the Department for Enterprise reception, the Welcome Centre, Villa Marina, Benefits office, the Northern, Southern and Western Wellbeing Centres.