The Treasury has pledged to support those who may seek secondary employment amidst increased tax concerns.

The Isle of Man Government has stated that demand for workers in retail and hospitality is high in the island, and will ‘peak’ during the TT fortnight which begins later this month.

The support from Treasury has been targeted at students returning from university, young people looking for work in general and those who simply want to ‘boost’ their income.

When detailing the tax permutations involved in taking on a second job, a spokesperson from the Government said: ‘For many people, their income before taking on any additional employment will incorporate all of their personal allowance and a 10% tax band, meaning the income tax on their second job will automatically be deducted at 22%.

‘However, where this isn’t the case, any unused personal allowance or 10% tax band can be utilised in their second job.’

The Isle of Man Government has encouraged individuals to contact the Income Tax Division to have their tax code recalculated based on their personal circumstances.

Anyone who is unsure about the tax implications for temporary, casual or secondary employment can find out more at

Those taking up a second job have been advised to contact the Income Tax Division as soon as possible through