In what can only be described as an inspiring achievement, staff from a Douglas firm proudly hoisted the Manx flag at the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro recently.

A team from Capital International Group raised nearly £25,000 from various charity events and headed to Tanzania to support the Huruma Orphanage and climb Africa’s highest peak.

The project has helped build and support infrastructure to improve the lives of the area’s orphans for generations to come.

The team, consisting of Werner Alberts, Jamie Wade, Karen Le Moal, and Leanne and John Venables, embarked on this expedition.

Joining them was Mike Valerga, who had always aspired to ascend Kilimanjaro alongside his mother.

Mike’s mother’s dream was sadly cut short by a brief illness, making his participation in this expedition a poignant tribute to her memory.

As part of Mikes goal, he managed to raise more than £4,000, which he split between Hospice Isle of Man and the Huruma Orphanage.

Leanne, who her company describe as an ‘integral member of the Capital International Group team’, spoke about her journey on the Kilimanjaro expedition, emphasising the determination from all involved to make it possible.

She said: ‘Not that the normal climbing route up Kilimanjaro is hard enough, our team leader challenged us to undertake the difficult Marangu route, known as the “Coca Cola route”.’

This route, which only has a 50% success rate, offered the team a unique yet extremely testing experience.

She continued: ‘After six and a half hours of relentless climbing, we reached Uhuru Peak, the summit, which brought forth an emotional moment as we reflected on our achievement.

‘Our descent from the mountain marked the end of this incredible journey, and as we descended, our cheers and well-wishes resonated with fellow climbers just beginning their adventure.’

The whole team, who raised a Manx flag with pride, covered more than 43 miles, reaching an altitude of 5,895 metres (19,340 feet), and created unforgettable memories that solidified their team bond.