'The water is nearly up to the windows!'

By Daniel Gee   |   Head of Content   |
Tuesday 1st October 2019 9:13 am
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A Laxey resident who is trapped in her home due to heavy flooding has helplessly watched her car get washed away.

Jackie Horne of Glen Road and her neighbours have been left in shock after today’s wet weather entrapped them in their homes with no power.

Talking to the Manx Independent - with 1% battery charge left on her phone - Jackie explained that she is the 'only person not flooded’ as she had ’pulled up the floorboards and let the water run away into the nearby river’.

’It has been completely and utterly shocking,’ she said. ’I thought my biggest challenge today was going to be going to B&Q for woodfiller!’

Jackie said as work was going on up the road, there was a hole in the wall where a digger could access the river.

’The digger made a dam, the water flowed through the hole and here we are. The water is nearly up to the windows,’ she said.

She believes there is the other possible issue of tree trunks getting trapped by a concrete structure in the river, something she and her neighbours have reported as a real flood hazard.

’My neighbours are in shock, but also pulling together. Although there’s nothing we can do now,' she said.

Watching the powerful surges of water from the safety of their windows, the street helplessly saw the water sweep Jackie’s car away along with a Civil Defence van.

Jackie watched the sad scene from a video her neighbour had taken.

'It's now wedged down the road, covered in silt.'

At the time of talking, she said the water was beginning to recede, but there are concerns about this afternoon’s high tides.

Have you been affected by today’s flooding? Please get in touch: [email protected] or 695695

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