The chair of the island’s Covid Review insists it is a rigorous and independent investigation which has built up a full picture of the government’s response to the pandemic.

But Kate Brunner KC said she wouldn’t hesitate to call for a formal public inquiry if she felt she was unable to reach sound conclusions on a topic because of the absence of a witness or a document.

She made the comments as she issued a robust response to accusations by the British Medical Association that the review will not uncover the truth or hold anyone to account.

He said whistleblower Dr Ranson, who was awarded £3.2m by an employment tribunal for being unfairly dismissed as medical director, has no confidence in either review and has refused to participate.

‘Having learned that key documents are not available to the review and further documents have been deleted she is not willing to participate in what she considers is a sham that will not represent the truth of what occurred,’ he said.

He renewed his call for the Westminster government to launch a Commission of Inquiry.

Ms Brunner said it was ‘regrettable’ that the author of the letter did not seek to contact her to find out about the processes of the review, which she said are ‘robust and independent’.

She said: ‘I invite analysis of the report when it is published in two months’ time, rather than conjecture about the review’s processes and findings at this stage.

‘I can reassure the hundreds of people who have given their time and energy to assist the review that I have been able to build up a full picture of what took place during the pandemic, not just in relation to the decision-making around closing the borders, but in relation to many other areas including education, testing and the vaccination programme.’

She said that picture had been built up not just by speaking to people, but also by a close analysis of contemporaneous documents such as emails, meeting minutes and notes of conversations.

‘The review is not publishing information about what evidence has been gathered or who has been spoken to until the report is finalised,’ she said.

‘The Covid Review is a rigorous and independent investigation which has been given full access to government material, and has obtained frank evidence from many current and previous Government employees and members of the public.

‘The review is in the final stages of evaluating the material which has been gathered, seeking further data where required, and will report at the end of the year as planned.’

She said: ‘It is open to me to call for a statutory inquiry, and I would not hesitate to do so if I felt I was unable to reach sound conclusions on a topic because of the absence of a witness or a document.

‘I remain satisfied that the review process is an effective way to investigate the pandemic response.’

The BMA chairman’s letter also prompted a swift response from the Chief Minister.

Mr Cannan said: ‘The government is fully committed to identifying lessons from the handling of the Covid-19 pandemic and is doing so through a robust, transparent and independent process. This review has independence of both action and thought and is able to act with complete freedom - entirely unfettered from any obligation to government.’

The review chair is entitled to call for all forms of evidence and has powers to seek a formal public inquiry, if deemed necessary.