The death of a tree surgeon was accidental, a coroner has ruled.

Manx Radio has reported that Frank Edward Murray - described as a 'well-respected', 'meticulous', and 'focused' man of his trade - died just days after suffering a suspension injury, in Old Kirk Braddan Churchyard, last year.

The Eairy man had become suspended by his own equipment, on November 21, after the tree limb one of his lines was connected to came down. 

The inquest heard of the efforts of another tree surgeon James Beech - a former employee of Mr Murray - who happened to be passing by when he saw him suspended from the tree.

He used Mr Murray's own chainsaw to cut the side line connected to the failed branch.

This sent Mr Murray further into the air but relieved some of the pressure being caused by his harness and safety lines, allowing him to breathe better and communicate with those helping from below.

Firefighters said Mr Beech's actions undoubtedly helped and there was nothing more he could have done.

Mr Murray’s family members were asked if they had any questions for Mr Beech to which they replied: "No, just thank you."

After his rescue Mr Murray spent several days in intensive care at Noble’s Hospital before scans showed the damage to his internal organs was inoperable and, ultimately, not survivable.

He was taken off life-support and died on November 24.

In a statement, read at his inquest at Douglas Courthouse, Mr Murray's wife said he was 'incredibly fit' and 'meticulous with safety'.

She questioned whether his equipment could have been tampered with. However examinations after his death proved his equipment was in serviceable order before he started the work. 

An arborist from the Department of Environment, Food and Agriculture told the court the failure of the tree limb could have been caused by the wind or by Mr Murray's movements.

However they added any issues with the branch would have been difficult to identify beforehand.

Coroner of Inquests Jayne Hughes ruled out any third-party interference and recorded a verdict of accidental death.

She thanked Mr Murray's daughters for attending the hearing and passed on her condolences to his wife and wider family.