Two cruise ships will visit the island today (Thursday).

First to arrive will be the Maud who last visited earlier this month on May 4.

With more than 320 passengers and 150 crew the ship will arrive at the pilot station at 7am and will then berth on the Victoria Pier before departing at 5pm.

Second to arrive will be the Seabourn Venture and she will be anchored off the south of the island in the morning, using the vessel’s smaller zodiacs inflatable boats to explore the Calf of Man before transferring to Douglas Bay.

She is due to arrive there at 2.15pm and remain until 8pm.

She will arrive with 217 passengers and 231 crew.

A spokesperson for Cruise Isle of Man added: ‘It is going to be a busy day for tours with guests going far and wide although we also expect a lot to explore Douglas in their free time ashore.’