Film industry professionals and celebrities gathered in Hollywood on Sunday to honour and celebrate the year’s outstanding performers in filmmaking at the Oscars.

After all the glitz and glamour, and Oppenheimer inevitably winning big, we took to Strand Street to find out what films hold a special place in people’s hearts and how often they use the island’s cinemas.

Ian Lorimer, from Onchan, shared his favourite film with us and explained that having it and other movies accessible to watch at home is why he doesn’t go to the cinema as much.

He said: ‘I don’t go to the cinema as often as I used to.

‘My favourite film is “It’s a Wonderful Life”. I like it because of hope – it’s sentimental I know.

‘I watched it as a kid, and it’s still my favourite now. I revisit it every now and then.

‘I look for something that’s well acted.

‘It’s too easy now, you’ve got Netflix that’s so accessible in the comfort of your own home.

‘I think the last film I watched in the cinema in the Isle of Man was Elton John, Rocket Man and the Queen one. I enjoyed them thoroughly.’

Alexander Scott and Joanna Blakemore, both from Douglas, don’t watch the same amount of films.

Alexander said: ‘It’s not even the fact that there’s nothing I’m interested in watching, I just have a terrible memory for remembering to go and watch them.

‘I do have Netflix at home but even that I barely watch half the time, again not through lack of wanting to or trying, It’s just something else comes up and I get distracted with that and I’m off doing that instead.

‘There’s plenty of movies I keep meaning to get around to watching or I’ve said to friends ones that I haven’t watched and they’re telling me that I cannot be serious!’

Joanna added: ‘I watch a little bit more [films] than Alexander does, and I used to go to the cinema quite a bit at the Palace but I’m more Netflix now.

‘There’s a couple of ones [on Netflix] that I’m waiting for now, and they tend to be split in parts, so I’m waiting on part twos for a lot of things to come about.

‘If there’s something particularly epic I want to watch then I’d think about going to the IMAX Cinema as it’s so much bigger.’

Jack Hogg, from Crosby, shared with us the last film he watched at the cinema.

He said: ‘It’s probably Star Wars a long time ago. I probably don’t go to the cinema a lot because it’s all online now.

‘I watch series, I’m watching Suits at the minute and I also enjoyed “The Founder” on Netflix, which is about the start of McDonald’s, I enjoyed that.’

Hillary and Rick Kramer, from Farmhill, told us they enjoy a number of films.

Hillary said: ‘The last thing I watched at the cinema was Mindhorn, it was excellent, absolutely fantastic and hilarious.

‘We don’t go to the cinema all that often but we do go to the cinema.’

Rick added: ‘Netflix is the thing now, and it’s cheaper, warmer and you can crawl to bed afterwards after a few bevvies as well!

‘And you can eat crisps without people complaining, and put the kettle on whenever.’