Friday (February 9) saw the first showing of Douglas Choral Union’s adaptation of popular musical ‘Evita’ at the Gaiety Theatre.

The show has received high praise so far, with our sister publication Gef The Mongoose describing the performance as ‘brilliant’ and ‘a must see’.

During a week of song and dance in the capital, we took to the street to find out what the Manx public’s favourite shows and live performances have been on the island.

Jim and Linda Benson, from Onchan, said they had tickets to see ‘Evita’ this week. Jim said: ‘We’re very excited.

‘We know Matthew James (co-founder of Taylorian Productions) quite well and he always lets us know if anything is on.’

Talking about her favourite show, Linda said: ‘Miss Saigon at the Gaiety was very good - it was a few years ago now but we really enjoyed it. The special effects used were really impressive, especially with the helicopter on the stage.

‘The Gaiety is beautiful. We’ve seen a lot of shows in the West End, and I would say that the Gaiety compares favourably with them – in terms of the actual theatre and also the productions.

‘We’re fortunate to have such a good theatre scene in the island.’

Anne and Peter Kennaugh from Andreas said they are admirers of the entertainment on offer on the island. Anne said: ‘Nothing tends to stick in my mind as a favourite because generally we really enjoy it all.

‘I think we have quite a good eclectic mix over here – there’s just sometimes too many “has-beens” and “wannabes” and I would like to see more of the originals.’

Peter added: ‘My favourite thing I’ve been to at the Gaiety was Ken Dodd as I’m a big fan of the old-fashioned comics.

‘Me and my daughter play for Douglas Town Band so it can be awkward to go to shows as we are often performing at the same time these shows are on. I would like to go to more!’

Christine and Gary Ormond, from Port Erin, said they don’t go to the Gaiety Theatre but do enjoy other live performances. Christine said: ‘We do go to King Williams College to watch live performances of things such as Shakespeare plays – some of them are very busy!

‘I remember seeing Status Quo, Boomtown Rats and Alison Moyet at the Villa Marina. They were all full and very good - we do get lucky with some of the bands that come over here.’

Gary said: ‘I really enjoyed Blondie when she came over, as we missed her the first time she came.

‘We’ve also been to the Erin Arts Centre to see a live show – it’s hard to say exactly what it was but people were playing flutes and fiddles and it was very folk-music like.’

Abbey and Debbie Le Roux, from Onchan, said: ‘The first time we visited the Gaiety was to see the Pantomine and that’s been our favourite performance – it was very well run and people were very friendly, while the drinks were also very quick.

‘Where we’re from in South Africa we would go to something called “supper theatre” where you would take your own picnic basket and drinks and watch a live show outside. It is incredibly popular over there.

‘We would love it if the Gaiety Theatre put on the Rocky Horror Picture Show – we would definitely go to that!’