We decided to change the tune a little this week, by asking a selection of the Manx public about music and the first record or album they’d ever bought.

This produced some interesting answers and some from almost a century ago.

Arnold and Margaret Jacobs, from Baldrine, cast their minds back to when they bought their first records back in the 1950s.

Margaret said: ‘We’re going back to the Buddy Holly era, we’re in our 80s now. We’ve even got Harry Lauder and all of Elvis’s records.’

Harry Lauder was a Scottish singer, whose biggest hit ‘I love a lassie’, came in 1926.

Arnold added: ‘We’ve got loads of records at home, LPs, singles etc.

‘The first one we remember buying was Bill Haley, with “Rock around the Clock”.’

Linda McDowell, from Douglas, is slightly further along the musical timeline.

Linda said: ‘I think my first record was Petula Clark, back in the 60s.

‘My husband’s an Elvis fan, and we went to Nashville a number of years ago and went all around Graceland [Elvis’ mansion in Memphis, Tennessee, USA] and the Grand Ol’ Opry. It was the trip of a lifetime.

‘My husband used to sing but he can’t anymore because he had an operation and lost his singing voice, but if the telly’s ever on it’s always Elvis, or country music.’

Beverley Tong and Janice Wilson have very differing music tastes with may surprise some.

Beverley said that her first record was ‘Yummy yummy yummy’ by Ohio Express.

She said: ‘I was 14 or 15 at the time. I’ve got loads of CDs, but I’m going over in a month to pick up an old Dansette record player with all the records from my late brother – he was a big Elvis fan.’

Elvis Presley appeared to have a profound impact on the musical taste of a lot of the older generation of the island, but the ‘King of Rock and Roll’ is also proving to be an influence on younger audiences, with one of our own junior reporters’ first ever record being an Elvis Presley album, while other first records from our staff include was ‘Losing my Religion’ by R.E.M and ‘Wombling Merry Christmas’.

Janice continued: ‘I was only little, I can’t even remember how old I was but my first record was “Catch a falling star” by Perry Como.

‘Lewis Capaldi is my favourite right now but I love the Bee Gees, I used to work for Robin, and I love Westlife, I didn’t even mention JLS did I?’

We asked the ladies if they preferred streaming services to listening to records.

Janice said: ‘I do, because if I hear something I like I’ll put it in my phone and I’ll ask my Alexa device to play it or I’ll go on YouTube.

‘We sold all of our records last year, made a bomb, they’d been in the attic for years.’

Finally, we spoke to Alivija Golubeva, from Peel, about her first album .

She said: ‘Mine was a Britney Spears album, I think from 2005 or 2007.’

We then asked if she buys any vinyls or hard copies of music anymore.

She replied: ‘No, no, it’s all on Apple music now. I tried Spotify but it just wasn’t for me, I’d rather have a library of all your albums.

‘I don’t really have a genre I go to every time. Could be rap, could be alternative rock, could be anything. My favourite artist at the moment is The Weekend.’