The actor behind a television drama that's been set in the Isle of Man but filmed elsewhere has said why she located it here.

Suranne Jones was speaking to the Belfast Telegraph.

Asked why she set Maryland here, she replied: 'When I thought about it, I just thought it would be like a strange little village. And so what she said was to put water between her old life and her new life, and have it in a closed off community.

'It’s its own little microcosm. I worked there when I was 17, so I knew it. But it’s beautiful.

'We shot it in Ireland, for many reasons, but then of course there’s the GVs (general views)… But yeah, I think it just adds to it. I think it looks beautiful.'

Maryland is on ITV1 tonight (Monday) at 9pm.

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The series is filmed in Ireland and the Isle of Wight. Read more here.