A year on from his viral ‘Welcome to the Isle of Man’ Youtube video, Charles Guard has made a sequel to see if there’s been any improvement to the state of some Manx sites.

Mr Guard, a local historian, has a Youtube channel with 145,000 subscribers and uses it to share videos surrounding the island’s history and heritage.

His new short film, which already has 11,000 views, returns to look at the state of Marine Drive, Douglas Beach, Douglas Promenade and gardens, and the famous Laxey Wheel.

Once the film has looked at the sites that were highlighted in the previous video, Mr Guard goes on to raise concerns about other areas, mainly in Douglas.

He counts up to 30 brownfield sites in Douglas that he feels need urgent development.

Mr Guard said: ‘One thing we’re not short of is brownfield sites, empty sites where buildings once stood which are crying out for development.

‘Actually I’ve counted up to 30 in Douglas alone, and not just the prime one at Derby Castle but also where the old Imperial Hotel stood on Douglas Prom.

‘Also the so called Town Square on Loch Prom, frankly this continues to be an absolute disgrace, and that huge array of iron girders in the background could be there for years to come.’

The film shows the demolition of the buildings on the Homefield site, on Woodbourne Road, which was formerly the Department of Home Affairs offices, with Mr Guard questioning how it was allowed to happen.

In a sarcastic tone, he said: ‘Why don’t we smash them up? Yes, take a digger to them and pull them down.

‘This is exactly what’s just happened to a fine Victorian mansion in its own ground in the conservation area by kind permission of the planning committee, great!’

‘The site is being cleared because a developer wants to build on it, and there’s me thinking the planning committee were there to protect our built heritage.’

He also raises concerns about the wild flower section on Douglas Promenade, and the fact that the horse tram track still doesn’t run the full length of the Promenade to the Sea Terminal.

When discussing the wild flower area on Loch Promenade, he said: ‘Back to the appalling mess on the Promenade.

‘It should never have been allowed to get into this state in the first place, we don’t want to look at it and I’m sure our visitors don’t want to look at it either.

‘Besides, this is where the horse trams should be.

‘The refurbishment of Douglas Promenade took years and ran millions over budget, but it was always promised that the horse trams would run back to the Sea Terminal, albeit on a single track along Loch Prom.

‘So again, just one tiny question, where the hell are they?’

In the caption attached to the video Mr Guard states that he hopes someone in the authority might be able to deal with his concerns.

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