A 21-year-old Laxey woman has been charged with being involved in smuggling nearly £100,000 worth of cocaine to the island.

Rosemary Ellen Burgess is accused of being part of an organised drug ring, and of having the cocaine sent to her in a small fridge via a courier.

She is also charged with attempting to possess £31,000 worth of cannabis with intent to supply, money laundering involving £400 in cash, and possessing cannabis.

The case was adjourned until October 10 at the request of duty advocate David Clegg, who said that the defendant wanted time to instruct Paul Rodgers going forward.

Prosecuting advocate Barry Swain told the court that the parcel was shipped to the island via a courier.

It was found to contain a small fridge, which had 994.9 grams of cocaine inside.

Police valued the class A drug at £99,490.

Mr Swain said that it is alleged that Ms Burgess, who lives at Old Laxey Hill, arranged for it to be sent and is part of an organised drug ring.

Cannabis weighing 1,585.9 grams, valued by police at £31,718, was also found in a holdall at a property.

The prosecutor said that any bail application would be opposed, on the basis that the defendant is alleged to be in debt to an organised crime gang, which may lead to her committing further offences.

Ms Burgess is yet to enter pleas to any of the charges.

Defence advocate Mr Clegg made no bail application and the defendant is remanded at the Isle of Man prison.