Wednesday night’s Easyjet flight to London was the third return trip this week cancelled due to Gatwick Air Traffic Control staff shortages.

The London airport is imposing a daily cap on the number of flights until Sunday (October 1), with an 800 flight limit.

Almost one third of staff in the control tower at Gatwick are unable to work for a variety of medical reasons including Covid, according to the airport.

One passenger whose Easyjet flight was cancelled on Monday evening from London to the Isle of Man has said that she spent around £240 to return to the island.

Kim Graziano, based in Douglas, was left scrambling for alternative ways home after being alerted of her cancellation.

She said: ‘I was in Brighton visiting friends, when I got the notification that my flight was cancelled.

‘There was a morning flight that was fully booked which was the only Easyjet option that I could have taken as I needed to get back for the following day for an event I was holding.

‘I was searching for other flights and there was nothing from London, Bristol, Birmingham or Manchester.

‘I also looked for the ferries and they had been cancelled.

‘The only option was a Loganair flight from Liverpool the following morning, which is what I had to go with.’

She then had to take two trains, and book accommodation in and Airbnb overnight due to the changes, money which she is not hopeful that she will get back.

Kim is one of hundreds of passengers trying to get to or from the island affected by the disruptions this week.

Traffic Control staff shortages has been a key issue in the island over the summer, causing the airport to close five times a day for staff to meet minimmum rest requirements. The daily closures have since been reduced.