Construction has begun on the first of several new pedestrian crossings around the island.

The Department of Infrastructure has appointed Auldyn Construction Ltd as main contractor to construct three crossings at the Main Road, Ballabeg; Alder Road, Pulrose and Market Place, Ramsey.

Work starts today, Monday, January 23, on the Ballabeg pelican crossing which will be situated in the vicinity of Arbory Parish Hall on Main Road, Ballabeg.

Work will begin on the Alder Road zebra crossing in late February, and the Market Place zebra crossing shortly thereafter.

The Department has also appointed Geoff Cormode LTD to install two zebra crossings on Annacur Lane; the first being near the junction with Lheannag Park and the other in the vicinity of Annacur shops. Work will begin on February 6.

Both Auldyn Construction Ltd and Geoff Cormode Ltd will be working in conjunction with the DoI’s traffic light team who will install and commission the signals.

A DoI statement added: 'Plans are well advanced to construct further pedestrian crossings on the lower part of Johnny Watterson's Lane, in Tromode near to the junction with Tromode Road and on Cooil Road, Braddan near to Eden Park.

'It is expected that construction of these two crossings will occur later in 2023.

'Feasibility work is underway with respect to construction of a pedestrian crossing on the Main Road in Sulby near to Sulby School and the Department is awaiting the outcome of a planning application for an additional pedestrian crossing on Victoria Road in Douglas.

'In addition to construction of new crossings the Department has a rolling programme of maintenance and refurbishment of existing pedestrian crossings led by our in-house traffic light team.'