The latest health and fitness article is about something that most of you might find obvious, but isn’t done enough.

I’m going to talk to you about the importance of exercising (that point is obvious) but more importantly doing things you enjoy.

The percentage of people that start a gym routine, or go on a ‘health kick’, but taper off and inevitably pack in after a month is ridiculously high.

One of the main reasons why that happens is because people are doing things they hate.

How appealing does getting up at 5am, running 5k in the rain and eating nothing but tuna and lettuce sound? If your answer is ‘not at all’, then you’re probably right.

Not one thing about that sounds appealing to me.

For anyone to climb out of their warm bed in the middle of winter (or summer) and drag themselves to the gym to do an hour of stairmaster already takes some willpower, but if you know you’re going to absolutely hate what you do when you get to the gym, or the park for a run, then are you really going to keep that up? Probably not.

Exercise, or getting/keeping fit doesn’t need to be gruelling. It doesn’t need to be water in porridge, bags and bags of boiled broccoli in Tupperware, or a six-week bread ban.

You can get fit, get strong, and live a happy, healthy life by doing things you like.

If you enjoy playing squash, play squash.

If you play golf twice a week, more likely than not you’ll have a decent aerobic base and a high step count.

If you love playing table tennis, then you’re more likely to commit to playing that than 5am outdoor runs in the rain.

For me a perfect balance of training is two to five weight training sessions per week, and a sport of your choice if you play one.

Walking your dog or playing football with your children is a great start too. You’re so much more likely to stick at something you enjoy.

Remember, weight training will get you stronger, make you look more athletic, and more ‘toned’ if you like.

It’ll also reduce your risk of getting injured, and almost definitely slow down the ageing process of your bones, joints and body.

Regular cardio will keep you fit, help you fight weight gain, and also improve your mental health.

Like I mentioned in my last article cardio workout will scientifically make you happier.

Going onto nutrition quickly, it would be equally as silly to try a diet with foods you hate. Why would anyone want to do that?

There’s enough variations of protein sources, carb sources and fruit and vegetables for everyone to find something they like to eat.

If you don’t like spinach - don’t eat spinach. If you don’t like running - don’t run. Sounds simple doesn’t it?

Find things you like to do, that benefit your health, and do them regularly. Trust me.

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Knowledge is power, and I want to give as many people I can the knowledge and power to take control of their health, and ultimately their life.

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