With the island set to roar back into motorcycle action after a long absence in just a matter of days, the Isle of Man Examiner asked the public whether they have missed the TT and what they’re most looking forward to doing over the fortnight of racing.

The last time the famous races were held was in 2019, when more than 46,000 visitors from across the world descended onto Manx shores.

However, with a couple of years absence, are the locals welcoming of its highly anticipated return?

Catherine and Eric Quirk, of Peel, are both leaving the island for the upcoming TT fortnight, and haven’t missed the atmosphere the event brings at all.

Mrs Quirk said: ‘For many years I have escaped the island at TT, because I don’t like the busyness and I don’t like the noise.

‘There’s not the same presence it once had. I grew up in a boarding house and there was a presence of bikers everywhere, it used to be very exciting.’

Mr Quirk added: ‘I haven’t missed it at all, I think the TT has changed. I’m of an age where I can remember it being quite different.

‘The bikes are now a lot more powerful and they used to set off in pairs so there was always a bit of a tussle between the two bikes when setting off.

‘Now, unless something mechanically goes wrong or there’s an incident, the on road tussle is gone and it’s all about timing.

‘I also think there’s a lot of concentration on the TT whereas we have a beautiful island that is undersold.

‘If the investment that goes into the TT was actually invested in the wider tourist industry we might have a chance.’

Emerson Garcia Fierro, from Crosby, believes the return of the famous races will be important to businesses and he’s enthusiastic ahead of its upcoming return.

Mr Garcia Fierro, 45, said: ‘It will be great for the Isle of Man, and will bring a boom to the people who need it, such as accommodation providers, cafes and restaurants.

‘It will bring enjoyment to the people who live here who are going to see new events and performances, and I’m most looking forward to watching the bikes, going to concerts and, the main thing, barbecues.’

Jake Saulnier, of Ramsey, is looking forward to the busyness and excitement that the influx of tourists brings.

Mr Saulnier, 19, said: ‘It’s been quite a while, two years without TT, and it’ll be great to see all the riders and tourists coming along.

‘I’m looking forward to going to 1886, it’ll be packed in there just like everywhere will be, and it’ll be such a good atmosphere.

‘I like speaking to loads of tourists, telling them about the island and all the attractions we have – it’ll be amazing.’

Angela Hewitt and Pam Brunstrom, from Douglas, have missed the TT, and couldn’t be more thrilled with its return.

Ms Brunstrom said: ‘I think it coming back is good for the island and it just gives everyone a lift – the tourists as well are such good people and such good fun.’

She continued: ‘I used to watch the bikes but not so much anymore. I used to like watching at the bottom of Bray Hill when we used to live in Tromode.’

Ms Hewitt added: ‘The Villa Marina and 1886 events have brought loads of bands over, they are going to be great, we haven’t had that for decades.’