Ballavartyn Equestrian Centre hosted a qualifying event for the Aintree Unaffiliated Championship for the first time recently.

It proved to be another very busy day for those involved at the Santon-base outfit, with 11, classes and more than 100 entries. Some of these classes were well-subscribed which included some newcomers.

Proceedings starting off with the junior cross poles in which qualification was decided by completing a double clear.

Continuing with the juniors, there was then a mixture of qualifiers and unaffiliated classes up to 80cm.

After a short break it was then onto the seniors, starting with the 50cm unaffiliated which was followed by qualifiers and unaffiliated up to the 1m class.

Qualification for Aintree was determined by the top six finish in each class.

There will be additional qualifiers taking place at Ballavartyn on March 17 ahead of the Championship taking place at the Merseyside-based venue in September later this year.

The Ballavartyn committee would like to thank PC Solutions for sponsoring the event.

Details of the centre’s other forthcoming events can by found on its Facebook page or by visiting its website


Aintree qualifiers, crosspoles 1=, Alexis Stratton (That’s Magic), Caelan Douglas (Sooty) and Belle Moore (Blanch Manilla).

Unaffiliated showjumping junior 1, Coadagh Douglas (Sooty); 2, Carly Tiernan (Apple); 3, Caelan Douglas (Sooty).

Unaffiliated 40cm junior 1, Breeshy Byers (Milford Fair Bouncer); 2, Roma Forfar (Molly); 3, Lexi Looney (Paddington Bear); 4, Alfie Pythian (Glen Iris Dennis).

Aintree qualifiers 50cm junior 1, Alice Teare (Blue); 2, Lexi Looney (Conrhenny Jelly Baby); 3, Victoria Craine (Bambi); 4, Breesha Byers (Milford Fair Bouncer); 5, Malakai Hynes (Charlie); 6, Aggie Hampton (Booster).

Unaffiliated 50cm junior 1, Roma Forfar (Molly); 2, Sofia Grounds (Enbarr Myrtle); 3, Evie Sue Murphy (Greenhouse Fizz); 4, Evie Sue Murphy (Jester).

Aintree qualifiers 60cm juniors 1, Sydney Hampton-France (Conrhenny Hit The Jackpot); 2, Cameron Eyres- Valentine Just Jack); 3, Lexi Looney (Conrhenny Jelly Baby); 4, Cameron Eyres (Blue); 5, George Hampton (Conway Colour Sergeant); 6, Victoria Craine (Bambi).

Unaffiliated 60cm juniors 1, Macie Murphy (Jester); 2, Evie Sue Murphy (Greenholme Fizz).

Aintree qualifiers 70cm junior 1, Sydney Hampton-France (Conrhenny Hit the Jackpot); 2, Macie Murphy (Dancing Diva); 3, George Hampton (Conway Colour Sergeant); 4, Alice Teare (Valentine Just Jack); 5, Evie Steriopulos- Zena); 6, Sirona Thompson (Brosna Mister Matt).

Aintree qualifiers 80cm junior 1, Emilie Saabye Katjaer (Pretty Paris Pony); 2, Evie Steriopulos (Zena); 3, Rowan Thompson (Homestead Cheeky Sparrow).

Unaffiliated 50cm senior 1, Vicky Kaighin (Reilly); 2, Ashleigh Shimmin (Destin to Dream); 3, Jessica Tummon (Moon Shiner).

Aintree qualifiers 60cm seniors 1, Herbie Hampton-France (Sir Little); 2, Tiger France (Happy Valley M2S); 3, Jessica Tummon (Moon Shiner); 4, Vicky Kaighin (Reilly Star); 5, Ashleigh Shimmin (Destin to Dream).

Unaffiliated 60cm senior 1, Millie Craddock (Millie the Legend); 2, Edie Gumeri (Superstar); 3, Ashleigh Shimmin (Destin to Dream).

Aintree qualifiers 70cm senior 1, Tayla Griffin (FVS Toyo Million); 2, Callie Cubbon (Limited Edition); 3, Vanina Finocchi (Rushveala Lady); 4, Tiger France (Happy Valley M2S); 5, Jenny Forbes (Romeo); 6, Millie Craddock (Ladie the Legend).

Unaffiliated 70cm senior 1, Alisha Blower (Seabelly Sophia); 2, Rebecca Sowerby (Professor Higgins).

Aintree qualifiers 80cm senior 1, Callie Cubbon (Limited Edition); 2, Amber Knighton (Manordeilo Coral); 3, Eve McGeown (Amor Royale); 4, Tayla Griffin (FVS Toyo Million).

Unaffiliated 80cm senior 1, Lindsey Hotchkiss (King of Quality); 2, Rebecca Sowerby (Professor Higgins).

Aintree qualifiers 90cm senior 1, Eve McGeown (Amor Royale); 2, Amber Knighton Manordeilo Coral).

Unaffiliated 90cm senior 1, Lindsey Hotchkiss (King of Quality); 2, Sue Kirkpatrick (Joules).

Aintree qualifiers 1m senior 1, Lindsey Hotchkiss (King of Quality); 2, Lucy Corlett (Penny); 3, Kaz Bridson (Woodfield Podge); 4, Issy Ennett (Ballavad Sacro); 5, Amber Knighton (Amor Royale).

Unaffiliated 1m senior 1, Abby Kirkpatrick (Smurf); 2, Abby Kirkpatrick (Joules).

Unaffiliated 1.1m senior 1, Abby Kirkpatrick (Archer).