A record 28 players took part in the Manx Chess Championships at Promenade Methodist Church recently. 

Along with the established regulars there has been a new crop of players that have joined the club.  There seems to have been a mini boom in chess, which has become more popular in recent years.   

As a result of the number of entries, the tournament was divided into three sections: Manx, candidates and challengers.   

The time control of the seven-round tournament was 75 minutes with 30 seconds added time per move, therefore in theory if a player made a move in less than 30 seconds, the game could last indefinitely (although this has never happened). 

There was an added incentive this year as the winner of the tournament will be offered the opportunity to represent the Isle of Man by taking part in the Chess Olympiad, which is regarded as the Olympics of the sport.   

This prestigious team event takes place every two years, with the 2024 edition being held in Budapest, Hungary in September.   

The Manx chess team will consist of five players and a non-playing captain, and they will do battle against teams from all around the world.  

The Manx Championship winner was Keith Allen who finished with six points, therefore he now has the opportunity to take part in the Olympiad. 

Kyle Cross, a young rising star, finished with four points and thus won the challengers section, while the candidates was won by none other than his dad Glenn with 4.5.  

Full details of the tournament and results can be seen on the Isle of Man Chess Club website: http://www.iomchessclub.co.uk/