The fourth and final round of the Cycle 360 MTB Series took place at Chibbanagh plantation on Sunday.

With 30 riders signed up, the Isle of Man XC National Championship was also up for grabs in the expert field for the leading male and female racers.

Covering 2.8 miles of navigating roots and narrow tree lines, the course expanded most of the large plantation and included steep climbs with hairpin corners and flowy descents, with an optional A-line bomb hole or slightly longer but less-technical B line.

After five laps, 15-year-old Will Curphey took the win, making him the island’s XC national champion for 2022.

In second place was Callum Salisbury who narrowly won a sprint finish ahead of former St John’s footballer Eric Kelly who placed third.

Kirree Quayle finished 10th overall and not surprisingly took the island’s women’s XC national champions jersey for 2022.

The series has seen new competitors attend each round as the competition attracts competent mountain bikers, novice, and youths, with riders of all fitness levels and competitive abilities able to take part.

The next Cycle 360 MTB series event will be a fun relay round in December, with the dates to be announced in the next month.

Visit for all results or the ‘Cycle 360 MTB Series’ page on Facebook for more photographs.


Expert (five laps): 1, Will Curphey 64:46.11; 2, Callum Salisbury (Team Utmost) 68:20.50; 3, Eric Kelly (Manx Viking Wheelers) 68:20.65; 4, Cian Howard (Team RL360) 72:53.40; 5, Harry Snape (Manx Viking Wheelers) 77:32.11; 6, Philip Bell-Scott (Manx Viking Wheelers) 77:42.40; 7, Martin Young 80:24.75; 8, Chris Bulley 80:49.65; 9, Mike Lyth (Manx Viking Wheelers) 81:42.05; 10, Ryan McCay 87:38.46; 11, Mark Murphy (Manx Viking Wheelers) 89:11.46; 12, Kevan Gelling (Manx MTB) 94:33.55; 13, Stephen Honeybone (Manx Viking Wheelers) 97:54.61; 14, Stephen Kelly (Manx Viking Wheelers) 51:38.40.

Expert women (five laps): 1, Kirree Quayle (Manx Viking Wheelers) 81:42.65; 2, Sacha Horsthuis (Manx Viking Wheelers) 93:10.55.

Novice (three laps): 1, Lee Clayton 3 51:37.00 10:19.86 1st 20:53.14 3rd 20:24.00 2nd

Sport (five laps): 1, Graham Furner 90:35.00; 2, Ralph Jackson 92:16.00; Four laps - 3, Tim Woakes 73:10.65.

Youth: 1, Ivan Sorby (Team RL360) 39:14.15; 2, Dominic Dunwell (Team RL360) 41:03.25; 3, Alec Sorby (Team RL360) 42:16.81; 4, Florence Griffin (Team RL360) 51:15.96; 5, Abi Clayton (Team RL360) 51:34.00; 6, Cameron Hounsell (Team RL360) 52:00.71; 7, Lewis Quirk (Team RL360) 57:31.30; 8, Sophie Smith (Team RL360) 80:57.30; Two laps - 9, Owen Collins (Team RL360) 25:04.96; 10, Jess Pickavance (Team RL360) 47:32.05.