While it looks likely to be a very contrasting weekend weather-wise, it’s business as usual in the mixed hockey leagues this Saturday.

Ramsey Crookall Bacchas A take on their B team and, after putting nine past Harlequins on the opening day, they will look to a similar result in this Premiership game.

Athena Harlequins A will face their next test in the top flight. After putting on a fine first-half performance against Bacchas, they will look to make this count all the way through the game when the face the ever-improving J. Qualtrough & Co Castletown Celts.

Canaccord Genuity Vikings A are aiming to continue their decent start to the season against a changing LJ Partnership Ramsey A, while Motorworx Valkyrs A find themselves up against Canaccord Genuity Vikings B who they will be hoping to beat.

In Division One this weekend, Motorworx Valkyrs B vs Ramsey Crookall Bacchas C looks to be the game of the day if last weekend’s results are anything to go by.

J. Qualtrough & Co Castletown Cammags will play the third string side from Motorworx Valkyrs and, after taking on the second string last week, they will hope for better fortunes this time around.

J. Qualtrough & Co Castletown Southerners round off the fixtures in this league when they face Canaccord Genuity Vikings C.

In Division Two, Canaccord Genuity Vikings D got off to a great start and will be encouraged after last week’s performance to go out against LJ Partnership Ramsey Ravens.

Ramsey Crookall Bacchas Mixed Colts will face Canaccord Genuity Vikings E, while Motorworx Valkyrs D - after winning by the closest of margins last weekend – go up against the southern team of J. Qualtrough & Co Castletown Cushags.

In Division Three, LJ Partnership Ramsey Rookies had one of the best starts in the league and look likely to continue that into the game against Ramsey Crookall Bacchas D.

Castletown Carrick and Castletown Cosney will face the Harlequins B and C teams respectively - two inter-club derbies on one day will make for some terrific action for the spectators.

The Under-15s League fixture list also see a derby game, with Ramsey Crookall Bacchas A and B teams going head-to-head.

J. Qualtrough & Co Castletown Sabres play Canaccord Genuity Vikings, while Athena Harlequins play LJ Partnership Ramsey Rogues & Rascals and the other team leading the way from last week, Motorworx Valkyra, go up against J. Qualtrough & Co Castletown Sharks.

MHA Mixed League fixtures

Saturday, September 16.

Premier Division

Bacchas A v Bacchas B 2.05pm @ NSC

Vikings A v Ramsey A 2.05pm @ RGS

Valkyrs A v Vikings B 2.05pm @ QEII

Castletown Celts v Harlequins A

2.05pm @ CRHS

Division One

Castletown Southerners v Vikings C

2.05pm @ KWC

Castletown Cammags v Valkyrs C 3.35pm @ QEII

Valkyrs B v Bacchas C 12.35pm @ QEII

Division Two

Castletown Cushags v Valkyrs D 12.35pm @ CRHS

Ramsey Ravens v Vikings D 12.35pm @ RGS

Vikings E v Bacchas Colts 11.05am @ NSC

Division Three

Castletown Cosney v Harlequins C

11.05am @ QEII

Castletown Carrick v Harlequins B

12.35pm @ KWC

Bacchas D v Ramsey Rookies 12.35pm @ NSC

Under-15s League

Vikings v Castletown Sabres 3.35pm @ CRHS

Castletown Sharks v Valkyrs 11.05am @ CRHS

Harlequins v Ramsey Rogues & Rascals

3.35pm @ RGS

Bacchas B v Bacchas 3.35pm @ NSC


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