In a display of community spirit and athleticism, members of Impact Kickboxing recently rallied together to raise an impressive £1,101 for charity by completing 101 rounds of sparring. 

With fists flying and determination high, the club's efforts have left a lasting impact on both the local community and the charitable cause they supported.  Over the past few months, members of the kickboxing club have participated in various fundraising initiatives, from sponsored sparring sessions to charity classes open to the public.

David Pearson, owner and founder of the Braddan-based club, said: ‘Their dedication and commitment to making a difference have truly shone through, as they pushed themselves both physically and mentally to reach their fundraising goal. 

'We are thrilled to have been able to contribute to such a worthy cause. Our members have worked incredibly hard, their generosity and enthusiasm has been truly inspiring. 

‘Funds raised by the club will go towards Sight Matters, an organisation dedicated to local people who are blind or visually impaired.  

‘We are immensely grateful to everyone who has supported us along the way,’ he continued.

‘From our dedicated members to the generous donors who contributed, this achievement is a testament to the power of community and collective action. 

‘As the kickboxing club celebrates this milestone, it continues to embody the values of teamwork, perseverance and compassion. Its efforts serve as a reminder that even in challenging times, coming together for a common cause can make a meaningful difference in the lives of others. 

‘With sights set on future fundraising endeavours, members of Impact are eager to continue making a positive impact and inspiring change within their community.’