Local athlete and Peel Football Club historian Colin Moore competed in a 50km walk in the Netherlands last weekend. 

The 64-year-old had originally hoped to participate in 2020 but those plans were scuppered by Covid, but he has now been able to take part and successfully finished the race. 

Speaking on social media, Moore described the race as follows: ‘Yesterday I was able to tick off a long-held ambition to take part in the walking festival at Beatrix Park, Schiedam. I had originally intended to visit in 2020 until the dreaded Covid put paid to everyone's walking schedule that year. 

‘It was an excellent course of just over 3,800m and very scenic, with newish houses backing onto the river halfway round, and the inhabitants interrupting their barbecues to shout encouragement each lap. 

‘The chief organiser is Hans Van Der Knapp, who reminded me that he had completed the 1998 Parish Walk and then walked up and down the promenade for another 15 miles to become a centurion! 

‘Yesterday was extremely warm but thanks to advice from Geoff Rice I bought some salt sticks which kept everything down, although there was a lot of retching in the last few laps! 

‘I completed the 50km in seven hours 53 minutes and 57 seconds, somewhat slower than in the comparable distance for the last Fireman's Walk in 2019, although I remembered this morning that I am due to qualify for a bus pass in seven weeks! 

‘I cannot speak highly enough of the organisation, and the camaraderie of the Dutch which is on a par with our own walking fraternity. One couple even give me a lift back to Schiedam Railway Station after the event as my calves had locked! 

‘I had many comments on the Isle of Man Veterans T-shirt and also had a good chat with New Zealand ultra-walking couple Justin and Sharon Scholz, who have entered this year's Parish and I gave them some background on Ballakillowey and Ballajora!’